SonicOwl is an interactive development studio based in NYC. We specialize in online video solutions, mobile and game development for broadcast media, entertainment and education based companies. We create innovative apps, prototypes and real-time systems for a wide variety of platforms and emergent technologies.
Our Current Work
Dry Run App

Dry Run

Currently in Development

This productivity app allows users to record video of themselves with the intent of practicing their presentation skills. Record, annotate and compare your progress to perfect your pitch.

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Our Work in Education
eBooks Platform

eBooks Platform

A real-time classroom.

We developed an educational platform, that consisted of a eBook player, content management system, custom tools for audio sync, lesson annotation and student review. The application was designed for mobile, tablet and smart-board devices It allowed teachers and students to collaboratively work together in a real-time classroom using HTML5, Webkit and XMPP.

Developed using HTML5Developed exclusively for Webkit-based browsers

Benchmark Screenshots


Browser based interactive classics.

Using our eBooks platform we converted over 60 classic childrens' book titles into rich interactive experiences. Features include: audio synchronization, read-along word highlighting, drag + drop games, drawing tools and learning management system integration. Designed for use on tablets it supports iPad, Android and Kindle Fire.

Original Games

Catch the Bunny

Stop it from getting away.

This logical game challenges you to catch a smart bunny before it escapes from you. The bunny will always make it escape from you using the least amount of effort and movements. Catch The Bunny will boost your mental power and performance in a fun and interactive way.

  • Game Center &OpenFeint Integration
  • Local Storage &Rankings
  • Facebook &Twitter Integration


    Color Matrix

    It's easy and fun to play.

    Compete against friends and strangers and find out where you rank. Race against time to complete the game. Sharpen your skills by saving your best scores locally and then share with friends and followers.


    Work with Advertising
    Pretty Please App

    Pretty Please

    Photo Sharing

    The Pretty Please App challenges the recipient to agree to complete a task before they're granted permission to view a photo. Users will be surprised what can be accomplished with a little incentive.

    Available in the Apple Store

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    Make Mitt Pay

    Make Mitt Pay

    Find the hidden money.

    Mitt's been hiding money for years. Now it's time to make him pay. Shake him up to find his hidden loot.

    Available in the Apple Store

    Make Mitt pay Screenshot 1
    Make Mitt pay Screenshot 2
    Tools and Infrastructure
    App Factory

    App Factory

    An automated build/deploy pipeline.

    The App Factory is a continious build &deploy system that automates the compiling, signing and distribution of apps to testers and stakeholders every time code is updated. The system is built on opensource projects, with custom rake scripts for build orchestration.




    Rapidly transcode PDF files to HTML5.

    We developed this tool as a companion to our eBook platform. It enables a production team to define templates, and rapidly convert PDF files into their eBook HTML5. The tool allowed us to produce books a fraction of the time it would have taken using Photoshop and other image production tools.

    PDF to eBook Screenshot
    Social TV Presentation

    Social TV

    Entertainment Beyond Television

    A presentation given at the 8th Annual Korea Communication Conference about the influences, effects and new formats that are evolving broadcast media.

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    Social TV Presentation poster screen
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